Monoprice SW-10 powered subwoofer - $90 (Mechanicsville)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Monoprice
model name / number: SW-10
size / dimensions: 10 inch
I have a Monoprice SW-10 powered subwoofer in excellent condition that is up for sale.
This powered subwoofer is 150w RMS (300w peak), and is loaded into a front firing enclosure, with a floor directed 4 inch port. It has an auto-ON feature which, in spite of some of the reviews you may see on these Monoprice SW series subwoofers - as well as any other powered subwoofer with this feature - functions beautifully, it is simply a matter of accomodation, and properly setting the subwoofer up with the receiver or other device you plan to use along with this device. This is a pretty sweet feature, which is typically reserved for more pricey units, and allows the subwoofer to shut itself off anytime that it is not receiving an LFE audio signal. So it conserves power/electricity, while also extending it's own longevity, by keeping itself shut down anytime it is not called for being used to produce an LFE signal. Additionally, this subwoofer has the usual controls for gain/level, crossover frequency, and switching which allows for the subwoofer to accommodate for the addition of a second subwoofer in the same space, by altering the phase of the 10 inch driver so that the frequencies being produced by either subwoofer do not cancel eachother out, but rather, produce an even "larger" sound using less power than one would use trying to achieve a similar sound level using just the one subwoofer.

This is not some huge, space hog of a 12 inch, or 15 inch subwoofer, but do not let that fool you! This thing thumps, and does a magnificent job at bringing all your favorite movies to life by producing all your LFE effects with plenty of power, so that they are not only heard, but felt as well! But movies are not the only thing that the SW-10 powered subwoofer does nicely. Music played back with the SW-10 powered subwoofer in the mix, is so much more lively and exciting, because the added low-end capability provided by the 10 inch driver just makes you feel like you are right there, listening to your favorite bands in person!

This is an all around awesome investment for anyone with a stereo, or multi-channel receiver, who has some nice speakers, but is ready to upgrade their system by the inclusion of a subwoofer to handle all the low-end frequencies, or for someone who maybe has a subwoofer that is either broken, or just not performing as well as it should be. In either case, the SW-10 would be a fine, and easily affordable addition to any sound system. I had even been using an SW-10 as the subwoofer in a 2.1 desktop PC setup, where I paired it with my LG C3 42 inch television (which was used more as a PC monitor, but quite a bit, for gaming on my XBOX Series X console as well. The SW-10 was perfect in this use case as well. I paired it with two Monolith Encore B5 bookshelf speakers, powered by a FOSI Audio BT30D amplifier, which allows for 2.1 listening, by providing an output to which a powered subwoofer can be connected, along with the two amplifier powered channels which drive the two 5-1/4" Monolith Drivers and tweeters contained in each of the B5 bookshelf speakers.

*** I actually have 8 of the Monolith Encore Series B5 bookshelf series speakers for sale as well. Each of which are in "like-new" to "excellent" condition, so if you are interested in possibly purchasing some quality speakers to accompany this nice subwoofer, just give me a shout, and I'm sure we could work something out. Thanks in advance for checking out the post, and I look forward to hearing from any interested parties.

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