Longhorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 (Mechanicsville)

Longhorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 1 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 2 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 3 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 4 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 5 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 6 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 7 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 8 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 9 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 10 thumbnailLonghorn Cow (Cinnamin) 2550.00 11 thumbnail
Fox Hunter near Swamp

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Awesome unique lawn mower,
Longhorn bull calves, yearlings, heifer calf. Adult available also bulls and heifers and cows show contact info
Less supplemenrs needed with this breed,Longeveity, Lean Meat - The breed produces naturally less fat and lower cholesterol for today’s health conscious,
Disease/Parasite Resistance,
Reproductive Efficiency - Large pelvic openings and low birth weights result in live calves. Busy cattlemen can say “goodbye” to sleepless nights.
Docility - Longhorn cattle are intelligent, easy to work and to handle.
Adaptability - The breed thrives in climates from the hot, damp coastal regions to the harsh winters of Canada.
Hybrid Vigour - Heritable quality enhances your present breed and gives you a new genetic pool.
No two Longhorns are alike. They all differ in colour pattern, size, horn length, and personality.
Tradition and Nostalgia - The Longhorn is the living symbol of the Old West. Wherever the western influence is desired-front pasture, cattle drive, or tourist attraction-you’ll find a demand for this magnificent breed.
Horns and Hide - The Longhorn is worth money even after it has outlived its usefulness as a beef producer. Top dollars are paid for the horns, skulls, and mounts that are used in the popular Southwestern decor of businesses and homes.
Pure Pleasure - Intelligent and easy to work with, the Longhorn is easily trained to exhibit in the show ring, lead or drive in parades, pull wagons, and yes, even to ride!
This red cow is a stunning color.
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