Husky mix (Hopewell)

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This is Riley. She’s believed to be a husky german shepherd mix. She’s pretty big I’ve had her for 2 years & she’s about 4 years old. She is spayed & house trained, knows a few commands like sit, get down, come here, paw, other paw, outside. She’s a big ball of energy but knows when it’s time to chill out. Loves toys, food, bones, tug-of-war, human beds, car rides, cuddles, zoomies & having her fur combed. She is extremely smart & will sometimes talk back when things don’t go her way. She’s great with people & likes to play with other dogs but absolutely cannot live in a home with other animals as she gets jealous & will attack the other animal. She also has food aggression. I don’t recommend putting her in a crate, it makes her very anxious. She can be trusted to be left in the house alone as she will not destroy your things but she may take a napkin out of the trash every once in a while if she has access to it. She shouldn’t be left in a yard unattended with a standard chain link fence as she can easily jump this kind of fence. She needs to be muzzled for nail trimmings. She rarely barks but when she does, it’s powerful. She is protective of her home & her human & will alert you of visitors. I’ve worked hard on training her & she’s come a very long way since I took her in. She’s not perfect but she’s full of love & personality. I hate to rehome her because I have built a strong bond with her but it’s no longer fair to keep her for the sake of the dog that has been with me before her. Please feel free to reach out if you’re serious about giving her a furever home.

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