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Re: The Game

The topic started as how Trump supporters are being attacked by leftists.

No. The post was 90% inanimate object attacks, not Trump supporters. Perhaps you could repost for the record.

Then came your "b... b.... but there was no blood" diversion, which was debunked.

Then came your "b.... b.... but Trump is the common denominator" diversion, which was debunked.

Now comes your "b.... b..... but the right H8-ed Obama too" diversion, which we'll rate as "Partially True", because said Obama H8 pales in comparison to the left's H8 for Trump.

No. Nothing was debunked. And evolution of a thread ≠ diversion...or you'd be guilty of diversion hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.

Your multiple-times-daily 2 Minutes H8 for Trump on these pages is a perfect example.

I do not hide the facts that I hate Trump, just as you do not hide the fact that you hate all things left. Your side does not hold any moral high-ground here.

To circle back to the OP, perhaps you can supply a list of Obama supporters who were attacked during those 8 years to counter the 300+ list of Trump supporters attacked in less than half that time?

The left doesn't have H8 machines that exist solely to H8 on the right like The Federalist and Breitbart. The historical record speaks for itself, whether you ignore it or not.

PS Your list included an awful lot of inanimate objects once again so you have once again lied to the reader.
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