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Solidarity (River City)

We cannot label anti-fascists as terrorists.
In fact it's good to be anti-fascist, anti-hate, anti-racism, etc.

to be against

is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society. ex. HITLER was a fascist.

(I) hope eve(r)yone is okay to(d)ay

I do still have some questions (--UPDATED: with some answers)
1. who is the merchant of (d)eath referred to here? --we now know this person is being targeted by the neo-cons, neo-fascists. They also call this person the "Craigslist volunteer"

2. who is the black whale woman people having taunted here? --we now know this is a woman with disabilities, and that she has been the subject of discrimination and harassment by multiple persons/groups.

3. who is the angry conse(r)vative who seems to be getting more and more violent? --we now know who this person is, and will be documenting his every move in an effort to protect others

4. how can we solve all these (i)nteresting dilemmas around us? --we need to break from the 2-party system and include (i)ndependents like libertarians, green party, etc.

5. who are the scammers selling fake pets? --this is coming from abroad. It is safer to adopt from local animal shelters. It's also more ethical to adopt instead of supporting breeders.

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to discuss this, or anything.


We aim to take a multi-tier, interest-based approach to understanding, managing, and resolving conflicts between groups in or around Richmond. This approach includes individual and group interviews, surveys, and/or other legal data collection methods deemed contextually appropriate. Our aim is to understand:

1. which needs of each party are actually or perceived to be threatened or depleted by the other
2. where each party's interests and values lie and how they are utilized to satisfy the party's core needs
3. how to untangle perceptions of threat by the other party
4. how to satisfy the needs of each party, as best as possible, for mutually satisfying solutions
5. the conflict identity of parties involved, in order to deconstruct and replace with new, more constructive narratives of cultural identity

We will then produce a comprehensive report and a proposed plan of action toward conflict resolution. We often attempt to get both parties to engage in one or more of the following methods:

--Group or community mediation
--Facilitated negotiation
--Problem-solving workshop
--Collective creative brainstorming
--Or any variety of resolution methods appropriate for the particular conflict(s)

If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation of any size, please reach out.
If you are interested in sharing your story or point of view for our analysis and recommendations report, please share on the Reddit sub mentioned above.

We are a registered and verifiable Delaware nonprofit org. with a 501c3 pending. We specialize in public health, medical technology, and offer grants for free or reduced cost online therapy. To learn more, visit (website down for repairs & security enhancements); use CL mail relay to request additional information.
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